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Top 9 fuel-saving upgrades to Volvo Trucks Euro 6 powertrains

No matter whether you’re in long haul, regional haul, distribution or construction, these latest updates for Euro 6 Step E mean serious fuel savings for everyone. Volvo has looked at the whole powertrain and made a number of upgrades that not only improve fuel economy but also deliver a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience – on and off-road.

Here are the top 9 highlights:

1. Upgraded D13TC engine. If you know the Volvo FH with I-Save, then you know it can cut fuel costs in long-haul significantly. Key to this is the D13TC, I-Save’s beating heart and Volvo’s most fuel-efficient engine ever. These latest refinements have taken it to the next level. The fuel combustion process has been refined, friction in the engine has been reduced and the oil system has been improved. The EATS (engine aftertreatment system) has also been refined, the engine weight has been reduced and a new generation of engine management system has been introduced. To expand our fuel-saving offer, the D13TC is now available with a new power rating of 420hp.

2. Upgraded D11 and D13 eSCR engines. In both engines, the combustion process has been refined and friction has been reduced. The increased efficiency is thanks to the incorporation of the D13TC engine’s patented wave-shaped piston bowl, which optimizes fuel injection. The EATS system has also been refined, the engine weight has been reduced and a new generation of engine management system has been introduced. Customers working in construction will also appreciate that the minimum cruise control speed has now been lowered to 4 km/h. For still greater flexibility, the D13 eSCR is now also available with power ratings of 460 and 500 hp for Biodiesel B100.


3. Upgraded I-Shift. I-Shift now delivers smoother, faster gear changes and a more harmonious driving experience than ever before. Upgrades include a new gear-shifting system and gear-shifting strategy, as well as a new clutch system for D13 engines. The updated I-Shift is available for all heavy-duty trucks and the Volvo FE.

4. New I-Torque software. I-Torque, Volvo’s intelligent new torque software, optimizes engine torque to save fuel. Using topography data from I-See, together with the truck’s gross combination weight, I-Torque automatically calculates the optimal engine torque. I-Torque is currently available with our new fuel packages for the D13 Euro 6 Step E diesel engines.

Watch this short video to learn more about I-Torque.  

5. Improved aerodynamics. To optimize airflow, improvements have been made to both the Volvo FM and FH cabs. Both models have received improved seals around the grille and the front auxiliary lamps, a new cover for the mirror arm, and fender flares to improve the airflow around the wheel arcs (on trucks with 385/55 tires). The Volvo FH has also received a further door extension and improvements of the XHSL (Extra High Sleeper Cab) air deflectors.

6. New energy-saving steering pump. Volvo’s new electronically controlled steering pump gives more precise control over steering, which can reduce the energy needed while driving straight ahead. For demanding long-haul customers and customers with extensive idling time, this means that energy losses can be reduced. The steering pump is included in Volvo’s new fuel packages for the D11 and D13 Euro 6 diesel engines.

7. More efficient air compressors. Volvo has introduced a new generation of air compressors that save fuel by building up air pressure more efficiently. These are now standard for all D11 and D13 Euro 6 diesel engines.

8. New air, fuel and oil filters plus new AdBlue tank sizes. The new filters are physically designed so that only the correct filter can be installed, which will ensure optimal engine performance and maximize the engine’s lifetime. Volvo filters are made with specially prepared pleated filter paper and have a large surface area to ensure excellent filtration capacity and long service life. And, to make it easier for drivers to refill both fuel and urea at the same stop, the sizes of Volvo’s AdBlue tanks have been updated to match the increased efficiency of the upgraded D11 and D13 Euro 6 diesel engines.

9. Alternators with 50% longer life. To make life on the road more comfortable, Volvo has introduced a new generation of 150A alternators with a 50% longer lifespan. Communica­tion with the alternator has also been improved thanks to the addition of LIN (local interconnect network) functionality, which allows Volvo to diagnose the alternator, understand when it needs to be replaced, and plan charging to prolong the life of power management components. The new alternators are standard for diesel Euro 6 FH and FH16 models. For even more comfort, Volvo has also added a new, larger 180A alternator to the range for these models.

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