Volvo Trucks
Volvo Trucks

New efficiency updates: Upgraded I-Shift and improved aerodynamics

No matter whether you’re in long haul, regional haul, distribution or construction, Volvo’s latest updates will boost efficiency and deliver a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience – on and off-road. 

Upgraded I-Shift

I-Shift now delivers smoother, faster gear changes and a more harmonious driving experience than ever before. Upgrades include a new gear-shifting system and gear-shifting strategy, as well as a new clutch system for D13 engines. The updated I-Shift is available for all heavy-duty trucks and the Volvo FE.

Improved aerodynamics

To optimize air flow, improvements have been made to the Volvo FM and FH cabs. Both models have received improved seals around the grille and the front auxiliary lamps, a new cover for the mirror arm, and fender flares to improve the air flow around the wheel arcs (on trucks with 385/55 tires). The Volvo FH has also received a further door extension and improvements to the XHSL (extra high sleeper cab) air deflectors.

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